dimanche 10 août 2014

Madagascar: Visa Information

To enter Madagascar, a passport valid for at least six months after the date of entry is required by all nationals. For short visits (90 days or less), every visitor, regardless of nationality, can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport in Antananarivo, provided the visitor carries an airline-issued ticket or passenger receipt confirming the visitor's intention to leave Madagascar within 90 days.

Long-term Research, Study or Volunteer Visa
Visitors wishing to study, conduct research or volunteer for periods longer than 90 days, need to obtain a special one-month visa whose duration the bearer can then extend, once in Madagascar, at the Ministry of the Interior. For more information, please refer to the Madagascar Embassy in your country.

Please refer to the Madagascar Embassy in your country.

Private Boats
For private boats, upon entry you will need to present information about the vessel to the Port Authorities, including:
  1. point of departure
  2. crew and passengers
  3. port of call authorization issued by nearest offfice of Service de la Marine Marchande
  4. date of entry in and exit from Malagasy territorial waters.
Cruise Ships
If you will be a passenger on a cruise ship:
Almost all cruise companies make arrangements to have visas delivered to their passengers at the first port of call in Madagascar. Please check with your cruise company to make sure that they will indeed be making such arrangements. In the unlikely event that they will not, you will need to obtain a visa before you get on the ship.
If you are inquiring on behalf of a cruise company, a list of passengers and crew members must be submitted by the Ship's Captain including:
  1. nationality
  2. passport number and date of issue
Film and Documentary
General requirements are as for a tourist visa, however an authorization issued by the Ministère de l'Information, de la Culture et de la Communication (Ministry of Information, Culture and Communication) is also required. 
Ministry of Information, Culture and Communication contact:
Tel:  (261) 2022 274 77
Fax:  (261) 2022 294 48

For more information, please contact the Madagascar Embassy or Consulate, nearest your country of residence.