jeudi 16 avril 2015

Sujet type 3: ANGLAIS - Baccalauréat série A-C-D

Sujets types et corrigés pour la préparation du Baccalauréat série A-C-D, MADAGASCAR.


Text :
      I was working with a young man who was in his early 30s and fairly close to death. His parents had come from out of town and were spending as much time as possible with him at the hospital. They had been with him for many hours and finally decided to take a break to go out for dinner.
But while they were out, things were getting worse and worsee with their son. After some moments of weak struggles, he died. The man’s parents were devastated, the man’s mother in particular; not only had her son died, but to make matters worse, he had died during her absence. She was obviously distressed and frequently rested her head on her son’s chest and cried. She wished she hadn’t gone out. How sad!
      As I was standing with her, I distinctly heard a little voice in my head say, “Suggest that she get up on the bed and hold him”. My mind whizzed. How could I make such a suggestion? What if someone saw? What would people think? What would they say? So, I tried to ignore the voice, hoping it would go away. But it didn’t. Seconds later, the voice said in a louder, more insistent tone, “She needs to get up on the bed and hold him!”
      “Would you like to get up on the bed and hold him?” I said. To my great surprise, she leapt into it without the slightest hesitation and without any comments. I remained with her while she held her son, stroked his face, talked with him and sang to him. These moments with mother and her son were some of the most exquisite moments of my life. These were moments that I would never forget. I felt blessed that I was able to be with her while she said good-bye to her child.

A. Find in the text:
1. The synonym of  “persistent”
2. The opposite of  “strong”
B. Choose the most appropriate title for the text.
a) I distinguished a little voice
b) I heard a little voice
c) I ignored a little voice
d) I uttered a little voice
C. TRUE or FALSE. Justify your answer.
1. The dead person was a teenager.
2. The writer obeyed the little voice.

Answer these questions.
1. Where did everything happen?
2. What do you think of the suggestion made by the writer? Wold you have done the same if you were in her place? Explain.

         Fill in the blanks with the appropriate grammatical items.
      Last December Annette Taylor made her first deposit at the bank. She opened … (1)… savings account. Three months later the bank paid … (2)… $6.00 interest on her deposit. Annette needed some money,  … (3)… she went to the bank … (4)… made a withdrawal.    … (5)… June Annette made another withdrawal,  … (6)… this time she opened a checking account. Now she … (7)… write a check … (8)… she wants to buy something.
I. Make the following sentences more formal.
a) Hey! Do you have a minute?
b) Fine, thanks.
II. Complete the following conversation
Beth: Do you like sports, Joyce?
Joyce:  ----------- (1) -------------
Beth: ----------- (2) -------------?
Joyce: well, I love baseball.
 Beth: ----------- (3) -------------?
Joyce: Not often. I’m always very busy, you know.
 Beth: ----------- (4) -------------?
Joyce: I usually practice with my friend, Terry.
 Beth: Terry! That’s good name. ----------- (5) -------------?
Joyce: He’s as tall as you are. And he’s very funny.
            ----------- (6) -------------? I’m sure you will like him.
Beth: Sure. I’d love too.

      It is sometimes said that borrowing money from a friend can harm the friendship. Do you agree? Why or why not?